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High-Quality Specialty Chemical Sourcing & Supply

ELEMENT WING As a indenting agency, We research Manufacturers to give quality products to consumers. Our expertise is to locate the best manufacturers and plants from around the world for our customers.

We also supply wide range of high-quality toiletries raw materials, food-flavor and more chemicals maintaining secure storage and handling procedures, offering value-added services, and fostering strong customer relationships. 

  • Acid Thickener
  • Pecktin
  • Color Speckles 
  • Zeolite
  • Sodium Metasilicate
  • Fragnance
  • Food Flavor

Verified Manufacturers

We verify all listed manufacturers  to ensure the authenticity of both products and quality.

Real-time Quoting

We provide real-time quoting to ensure that you get the best prices and delivery times. 

Sourcing Services

Based on a large number network of manufacturers , we offer global buyers an agent purchasing service

Personal Home Care

Indent - Import & Supply of Personal Care raw materials for Detergent, Hand Wash, Toilet Cleaner etc.

Perfume & Flavor

We work for Food Color Flavor, Essence & Additives raw materials for Color, Flavor, Fragrance and Additives, etc.

Acid Slurry

Cleaning properties, making it an effective ingredient in various cleaning and detergent products.

Element Wing can Indent and supply a wide range of Raw Materials

What do we offer?

Element Wing can indenting and supply a wide range of home care, cleaning industry and food flavors etc. through a comprehensive supply chain, reliable, on-time, at very competitive prices.


Don’t trust only our words, trust our network.

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