4A Zeolite

4A Zeolite is widely used as a water softener in household detergents. In washing water, 4A Zeolite exchanges its Na2+ with Ca2+, preventing them from reacting with surfactants in detergents, in order to improve cleaning performance.

Chemical name: Sodium Aluminosilicate

CAS No.: 1318-02-1

Molecular formula: Na96{(AlO296*(SiO2)96 }*216H2O

Standard executed: QB/T 1768-2003

Packaging: in 40KG/PP woven bag with PE liner


Aluminosilicates can be obtained directly from the aluminosilicate rocks or manufactured as synthetic materials. Natural aluminosilicate powders used in investment casting are supplied with diverse Al2O3 content. Malachite, for instance, ranges in 42–47% compared to 60% in Remasill or Mulgrain 60%. The content of Al2O3 in the powder determines its resistance to heat—the higher, the better.


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